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Posted 2006/05/01 02:22 Mon Edit
Super Mario Flash HVSuper Mario Flash HV - Shut him up!
Shut him up! "KICK" while near a shell to shoot the shell at him. You will need to know this ability for the final boss.

Movement - Keyboard
Kick - Shift key

Posted 2006/04/30 22:07 Sun Edit
bowman'bowman' - It fights with a bow!
Please drag the inside of a screen and draw a bow. * It is not necessary to click humans. It is a victory when a partner is shot twice by default setup. However, since a lower half of the body is a no damage, it is necessary to make the upper half of the body hit it.

Returns to a title - Left key
A screen is refreshed - Right key
Zoom-in,Zoom-out - Top,Down key

Posted 2006/04/30 22:06 Sun Edit
castlevaniacastlevania - Horizontal-scrolling action
The action game put on the market from KONAMI can be played. A vampire hunter's hero faces a whip to arms at Dracula's conquest. It is the series known for beautiful music and graphics.
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Cockroach DreamCockroach Dream - Fail to strike!
It will be failed to strike a cockroach so that those who are sleeping may not be crazed. Operation is simple only by the click of a mouse.
Posted 2006/04/30 22:04 Sun Edit
Genjuro FightGenjuro Fight - Samurai spirits
A masterpiece art-of-fencing fighting game, horizontal-scrolling action which took up "Genjuro" of samurai spirits.

Movement - W,A,S,D
Boxing - J
Jump - K
Protect - L

Posted 2006/04/30 22:03 Sun Edit
Mario Starcatcher 2Mario Starcatcher 2 - Catch a star!
It is the MARIO game which can be enjoyed easily. Please catch the star in a stage.

Walk - Arrow keys
Jump - Space

Posted 2006/04/30 22:02 Sun Edit
Nida- InvadersNida- Invaders - A South Korean invader
The common name which TAITO CORP. put on the market with the invader game in 1978 (Space Invaders). It is world's first "game in which an enemy character devises an attack." UFO sometimes appears, and a bonus point can be acquired if this is shot down.

Move - Arrow key
Fire - Space