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Posted 2006/04/28 23:50 Fri Edit
Fire kick the can game2Fire kick the can game2 - New type
The changed part from 1st stage.
(1)The demon became strong.
(2)New work appeared.
Rush - G key
A honorable-death command is given to a friend.
Fire - F key
It can play by very beautiful fireworks.
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Fire kick the can gameFire kick the can game - Nostalgic atmosphere
A certain nostalgic vacant lot at which a familiar frog stands still. Let's be mixed with "stylish thing Mr." and others who is playing happily noisily, play "can-kicking" and play!

Slide - Space key

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Chicken Race
Chicken Race - Test-of-courage game

It is a game start when the character of READY is clicked. It is clear if a car is made to stop in the distance near [ computer ] the water surface.
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Flash KartFlash Kart - The game which competes for a time attack
It competes for the time which carried out the course 3 round. A course is chosen first and it goes into a start posture. If a signal becomes blue, it will start with an accelerator!

Accelerator - Top key
Movement on either side - Left,Right key
Brake - Down key

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VABO CUP '99VABO CUP '99 - Serve! Toss! Attack!
It is the rally point system of 2 to 2. The direction taken first 2 sets serves as a victory 25 per set. Since there is various work in a serve or an attack, it may be said that many things are tried.

Movement - Mouse
Attack - Mouse Click

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Peu a Peu Ohaziki
Peu a Peu Ohaziki - Do you know "Ohajiki"?

Ohajiki is a kind of a toy. The flat ball made with glass has become general, and it can use for - study for play. A web can be played in the Ohajiki! By all means, please play once and see.