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Posted 2006/04/30 02:33 Sun Edit
3LINES3LINES - "Sichuan"
It is clear if all the tiles in a board are erased. from a beginner up to an upper person -- young and old of both sexes -- anyone -- although -- he can be enjoyed.
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stained glass
stained glass - Let's make the color square!

A panel is dragged and please let me move to a left window. It is clear, if it arranges so that an vertical and horizontal color may become the same. It is clear the 5th page and an end.
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PokerFaceUpPokerFaceUp - A psychological warfare is hot!
This game is the pitched-against each other type poker which four persons strike.
(1)The number of times of a change is 1 time
(2)Game participating expense must pay the one minimum coin
(3)How to bet coin has a call, REIZU +1, REIZU +2, and 4 choices of drops

Enjoy a game!
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4BALLS4BALLS - Brain game
It will be a victory if the ball of the color same earlier than a partner is arranged. It is difficult although it is simple.
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2jannel2jannel - Simple mah-jong
The mah-jongg of a 2channel character can be played. A rule is easy. It will be a victory if the same pattern is arranged earlier than a partner player. If you want to see a detailed role, it is here.

What's 2channel?
2channel is an electronic bulletin board with the number of accesses leading [ Japanese ]. It is abbreviated to 2chan, 2ch, etc. It is managed under Hiroyuki Nisimura (common name : "Hiroyuki") superintendence by the members of management which consist of volunteers, such as deletion people.