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Posted 2006/04/29 16:01 Sat Edit
AA MailAA Mail - Mona- typing
It is the typing game which carried out the form of a cellular phone. It is a game start when Space key is pushed. Let's type the name of the ASCII art which comes out one after another. It can participate also in ranking!
Posted 2006/04/29 16:00 Sat Edit
From A to ZFrom A to Z - "Iaigiri!!"
It is Flash typing only with overly simple only typing A to Z. There is also the mode in which an alphanumeric character appears at random. I will participate in ranking and will aim at a higher rank!
Posted 2006/04/28 16:36 Fri Edit
Typing Buckwheat noodleTyping Buckwheat noodle - How about seconds?
I can replace, if the alphabet is inputted eight characters. If the character which Type(s) is mistaken, it will consist of the beginning. It will end, if time passes to some extent.
Posted 2006/04/28 16:03 Fri Edit
level21level21 - ASCII art typing
It is the typing game in which the character of a 2channel system appears. It is order as a result of typing, and a level changes. A record level is 21.
Posted 2006/04/27 14:42 Thu Edit
Type or InfectionType or Infection - AA infected with the virus loses and pounces on self
Recently, the virus infected with AA began to spread. Infected AA loses and pounces on self. I want you to surely save this critical situation by your power. Strike, and strike and bat away.
Posted 2006/04/27 00:40 Thu Edit
DJMAXDJMAX - The music game which can play for free!
The new music game which begins from on-line. The world of the No.1 DJ whom a stylish powerful sound leads with it being visual. The real-time multi-play system which is not until now. The easy play system which can be immediately enjoyed also with a beginner player. The true high sensitivity sound on-line sound game which stimulates your sensitivity is now here!

"You have to carry out member registration, in order to play this game. The following page explains the method of member registration."
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