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The work which was made to unite "chushingura" and "Hissatu Shigotonin" with a nice condition, appointed AA as an actor, and was exactly set by the image. Although there is also a scene at which it laughs in spite of itself plentifully, it is made a feeling since the production of camera work etc. was very effective, as if it finished seeing one drama.
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DeltDelt - A unique art work
It is the work which regarded the work with a modern and digital atmosphere as the ability not to make from the pattern of a Celt system, and applied to it a trial-and-error method and completed it.
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If it becomes large, is there any dream of ? future in which he wants to become what? Was what to do found? The stairs to the future may be noticed and it may stop. "If it does not rise unawares." In the point, it is a dream.
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The author's message
It stuffed as it could stuff that he could do now. It is happy, if I have some felt and I have you enjoy myself.
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Just a little bit different meJust a little bit different me - Please give a smile
Every day as usual which continues forever. Syobosuke which the aversion put in every day which changes nothing begins to riot. "Today's I am just a little bit different."
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Kita-!! LectureKita-!! Lecture - very Fun!
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Jien which will come from where as Kita-!! ? Is it in the body of ? Since there is no it or it was developing ? etc. and illusion, it was able to do this work. Enjoy yourself!
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Light and shapeLight and shape
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"Light and monochrome" were seen as a title. It does not understand well in contents. Light is the future. Monochrome is a matter. Does it seem that it cannot do simply although he wanted to have made these two emphasize and to tell? Please see vacantly.