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Master Mario
Master Mario

Rock'n Roll Mario can be seen!
The motion included in piping is like matrix, and smart ! of last is also such a punch line.
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Vegeta! - For VIP

"Since the eldest son of native chicken planned ..."
AA of familiarity and Vegeta begin to move from the words which a meaning does not unsatisfactorily understand.
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A2mal yokochoA2mal yokocho
The parody work of Animal yokochou.
What's "animal yokochou"?
There is a secret in ordinary girl Ami chan apparently.
It is the wonderful animals which come to the room of Ami chan every day, and everyday life to pass...
Official site
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A magic legal advice place of Muhyo and LoseyA magic legal advice place of Muhyo and Losey
A magic executioner and Toru Muhyo with the capability which gives punishment to the soul which committed the crime and is sent to the next world, and Jiro Kusano which acts as his assistant.
People who can worry about the soul visit them one after another --
The door to the world of a shiver was opened now!!
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It is famous Breastmancy's parody.
Subsequent life is greatly influenced on the sense of OPPAI selection. It is -- just like a breast on either side.
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Work description
This Flash is Flash created to series commemoration of "Hukusyuuki Makoto" of "Kijin room"
BGM borrowed "FRONTRiVER" Now, although the picture of a different style of painting is used for Flash, Mr.
M of "Kijin room" draws the whole of every picture.
I think always that Mr. M's true value is not being able to draw "it being deep", but is what "a deep picture and a lovely picture can be drawn for."
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The parody of METAL GEAR SOLID.
The action shooting game of KONAMI.
The masterpiece which made a new genre called Sneaking game.
The 2nd edition of MSX and "METAL GEAR" put on the market with the Family Computer version appear as "METAL GEAR SOLID" in PlayStation.