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Song Orange
Song Orange

Mikan! Mikan! Mikan!
It has sung by making the mandarin orange of Ehime into a title.
The gap of a Rock'n Roll-voice and a pretty flash is interesting.
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The flash which united music called a swallowtail butterfly with Magic: The Gathering.
The work which is expressing language with the card and which changed a little.
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The heroine of fear - Devil man
The heroine of fear - Devil man

The appearance of the villain character which interferes with a hero.
It is fearful although he is wearing the lovely face.
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Song Peopo kun
Song Peopo kun

This song is officially distributed by the Metropolitan Police Department homepage.
And this image is a completeness private notability promotion image for raising the notability of "Song of Peopo kun."
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Movie is 'Azumanga Daioh'. Song is 'ULFULS:Shakkin Daioh'.
shakkin is the meaning a "debt."
The phrase "Kasita kane kaeseyo (pay the lent money)" was impressive.
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Cool music and cool Dragonball match and it is very smart!
Freezer is too weak :D
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Although an adult preaches a sermon that it is useless and useless immediately, is it the right selection sure enough?
It's impossible to sing. dame dame dame dame~
by koreancat