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Posted 2006/05/13 02:25 Sat Edit
Borrowing Competition
Borrowing Competition

It is great, although it is competition which gets people and the thing suitable for the title, and aims at the goal since the title is written on paper.
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A turn of apparatus like an umbrella changes sound. If it is heard using headphone, a more powerful sound can be heard.
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Birthday PartyBirthday Party
It is the flash made in order to celebrate a birthday.
Then, that's right by which the cake was eaten with good appetite by the staff.
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Clockwise rotationClockwise rotation
It is the illusion using the illusion of an eye.
If it is looking for a while, rotation will be begun conversely.
If it sees together with someone, it can be enjoyed further.
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Illusion 2Illusion 2 - Foot Step
It is a kind of the illusion called a "Foot Step."
The white stick which should be carrying out uniform movement, and a black stick are perceived progress by turns.
A background can be adjusted in ON and OFF.
Since an eye may flicker when it sees too much for a long time, take care.
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SaturdaySaturday - I like Kokumaro
The wonderful flash which a concept does not understand well somehow. But it is interesting without knowing why.
They are curry and the work which Saturday's favorite Artist made.
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The Little FellaThe Little Fella - Chihuahua
"Tokyo Plastic" which shows FLASH with KATCHO sufficient to the maximum as sound!
It delights truly each time each time! A sense is good! It is delicate, bold, smooth, and the highest level from a performance character to sound!
It is finished in the coolest, grotesque, and comical work.