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Posted 2006/04/28 00:23 Fri Edit
TresureboxTresurebox - Feeling which became a dwarf
The gimmick which clicked the screen and hid is started and a small red ball is carried one after another. The picture and music in the original world are very good.
Posted 2006/04/28 00:15 Fri Edit
TCB museumTCB museum - Let's collect five stars!
In order to rescue a princess, it is the click solution-of-a-riddle adventure game which arranges five stars. Nostalgic atmosphere is very good.
Posted 2006/04/28 00:02 Fri Edit
Blue ChamberBlue Chamber - Let's escape from the blue chamber!
Let's click various places earnestly and escape from the room. A momentary flash leads to the key of capture.
Posted 2006/04/27 23:46 Thu Edit
CastleCastle - The story game which clicks and progresses
castle is the story game which clicks and progresses. Since there is neither the time limit nor mark, it can be enjoyed slowly. Many secrets are hidden by the miniature garden with a castle. If the secret is touched, since cursor will change to the form of a finger, let's click as it is.
Posted 2006/04/25 18:02 Tue Edit
Face BalloonFace Balloon - The lost face..
The face became a balloon and has flown! In order to regain a face, please move on a building like a maze. This game is an adventure game which can play only with a mouse. Please move on clicking various places and explaining the mystery of a building!

When it does not turn out that it plays with, please see "How to Play" of a game screen.