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Posted 2006/04/30 16:00 Sun Edit
AA TetrisAA Tetris - ASCII art!
Various blocks which fall one after another are repeated. It is a high score when two or more lines and the line of the same color are erased. It is game over when a block is piled up upwards.

Operation - Keyboard
High-speed drops - Space key
Special - S key

Posted 2006/04/29 16:16 Sat Edit
Help it! Rapan!Help it! Rapan! - Traffic congestion is canceled!
This is a tollgate. Please guide the car included in a tollgate and do not build traffic congestion. It is game over when all sequences are filled with a car to a right-hand side red line. If the vehicles of the "same color" or the "same type" continue, it will pass at once in a tollgate. In this case, the score of a back car doubles.
Posted 2006/04/29 16:12 Sat Edit
Across The River, They Go.Across The River, They Go.
A certain family is going to cross the river by ship. However, this family is a dangerous family, and if conditions are not cleared, he will kill a family. How is what is necessary just to carry out for having crossed the river, without nobody's making a family die?

(1)A ship can ride to two persons at once.
(2)It is only three persons, a father, a mother, and a maid, that a ship can be rowed.
(3)If a father does not have a mother, he will kill a daughter.
(4)If a mother does not have a father, she will kill a son.
(5)If a maid is not in a dog, it will kill all families.

Then, good fight is prayed!
Posted 2006/04/29 16:11 Sat Edit
KaeburoKaeburo - Change block
A ball is discharged and a block is destroyed. Please move and gather cursor not to drop a ball downward. It is game over when a left life is lost.

Movement - Mouse
Change block - Left Click

Posted 2006/04/29 16:10 Sat Edit
Epicenter gameEpicenter game - Look for a leader!
Please look for one person who is leading the dance out of a dancer. As for all dancers, an order was decided. A click of a one dancer displays the ranking. A score is crossing of a time score and a bonus point. Keep in mind that a bonus point will fall if hand is carried out.
Posted 2006/04/27 02:04 Thu Edit
Moving body eyesight CheckMoving body eyesight Check - It is simple and does not get bored
How many times can it answer correctly among 10 times? Let's make a brain soft in this game :-)
Posted 2006/04/26 02:01 Wed Edit
UnlockUnlock - Pull it if it pushes and is useless
Unlock is the game which cancels a door with various mechanisms using brains. The normal modes are all 8 stages and another security mode is all 4 stages. Only a mouse performs operation.