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Posted 2006/04/28 16:35 Fri Edit
Bombardment by warship
Bombardment by warship - Strategy shooting
Grown up type naval battle shooting. I will clear the missions which defeat an enemy ship party, and will upgrade a battleship!

Movement,Evasion of a torpedo - Right,Left key
A shooting position is determined - Mouse
Shot - Mouse Left Click
Sub Shot - Top key

Posted 2006/04/28 16:23 Fri Edit
GikorugaGikoruga - 2channel shooting
"Even if self does not become the good thread of the ideal which does not die since it is not alive, it does not yield. This means that it both does not die that it is foolish. "

Shot - Shift or Space key
Movement - Mouse
Left Click - Attribute change
Special shot - Space key when a gauge is MAX

Posted 2006/04/28 15:59 Fri Edit
Tama chanTama chan - Simple shooting game
It is a game to which nothing is made to say about the spectators who block good sleep of "Tama chan". It is a high score when the obstructive character which appears on the way is shot.
Posted 2006/04/26 21:43 Wed Edit
Age of ShootersAge of Shooters - There are a lot of monsters
It is the shooting game for which a one girl goes to fighting in order to change the world. It is quite highly complete so that it may be a game based on Ultima Online.

Movement - Direction key
Shot - Z key
Ignore attack - X key
Wind attack - C key