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Protection bombingProtection bombing - Escape and escape
Being made to a player is only running from place to place. However, support bombing of a fixed interval can be received from the sky. Since a bomb falls toward itself, please guide it well and knock down an enemy. More scores can be earned if many enemies are once beaten by explosion. They are 3 times, if two animals are pushed down simultaneously and it will be the twice of a standard score, and three animals. If a score reaches a fixed value, a level (difficulty) will go up.
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Eco shooEco shoo - Keep protecting animals!
protect an animal from the monsters who destroy earth environment. As for the way along which the monster passed, environment is destroyed. An animal cannot pass along the way where environment was destroyed. It will die, if a place to go to is lost.

Environment is recovered - The environment destroyed by the mouse cursor is stroked
A monster is attacked - A monster is stroked pushing a mouse

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level21level21 - ASCII art typing
It is the typing game in which the character of a 2channel system appears. It is order as a result of typing, and a level changes. A record level is 21.
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Tama chanTama chan - Simple shooting game
It is a game to which nothing is made to say about the spectators who block good sleep of "Tama chan". It is a high score when the obstructive character which appears on the way is shot.
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Eclipse EdgeEclipse Edge - Beat an enemy!
If a space key is pushed by the battle position, it can attack with a sword to 3 times. If it is neutral and continues pushing a space key, magic will be charged, and magic will be exercised if a space key is detached in the state where it has come out with "GO". If the magic attribute is changed in accordance with the enemy, since a battle can be advanced advantageously, let's try many things.
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Space garbageSpace garbage - The earth was blue
It is the game which gathers the garbage which has merely fallen on the universe intently. An angle is decided with a mouse and it injects by click. It is game over, when time is set to 0 or it comes out of a screen.

Get N capsule - Fuel 500 addition
Get O2 capsule - 15-second addition
Bonus appearance conditions - Five garbage is collected
Get Bonus capsule - A 15-second addition, fuel 100 addition

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TresureboxTresurebox - Feeling which became a dwarf
The gimmick which clicked the screen and hid is started and a small red ball is carried one after another. The picture and music in the original world are very good.
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TCB museumTCB museum - Let's collect five stars!
In order to rescue a princess, it is the click solution-of-a-riddle adventure game which arranges five stars. Nostalgic atmosphere is very good.
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Blue ChamberBlue Chamber - Let's escape from the blue chamber!
Let's click various places earnestly and escape from the room. A momentary flash leads to the key of capture.
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CastleCastle - The story game which clicks and progresses
castle is the story game which clicks and progresses. Since there is neither the time limit nor mark, it can be enjoyed slowly. Many secrets are hidden by the miniature garden with a castle. If the secret is touched, since cursor will change to the form of a finger, let's click as it is.
Posted 2006/04/27 15:48 Thu Edit
VABO CUP '99VABO CUP '99 - Serve! Toss! Attack!
It is the rally point system of 2 to 2. The direction taken first 2 sets serves as a victory 25 per set. Since there is various work in a serve or an attack, it may be said that many things are tried.

Movement - Mouse
Attack - Mouse Click

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Type or InfectionType or Infection - AA infected with the virus loses and pounces on self
Recently, the virus infected with AA began to spread. Infected AA loses and pounces on self. I want you to surely save this critical situation by your power. Strike, and strike and bat away.
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Moving body eyesight CheckMoving body eyesight Check - It is simple and does not get bored
How many times can it answer correctly among 10 times? Let's make a brain soft in this game :-)
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DJMAXDJMAX - The music game which can play for free!
The new music game which begins from on-line. The world of the No.1 DJ whom a stylish powerful sound leads with it being visual. The real-time multi-play system which is not until now. The easy play system which can be immediately enjoyed also with a beginner player. The true high sensitivity sound on-line sound game which stimulates your sensitivity is now here!

"You have to carry out member registration, in order to play this game. The following page explains the method of member registration."
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Age of ShootersAge of Shooters - There are a lot of monsters
It is the shooting game for which a one girl goes to fighting in order to change the world. It is quite highly complete so that it may be a game based on Ultima Online.

Movement - Direction key
Shot - Z key
Ignore attack - X key
Wind attack - C key

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2jannel2jannel - Simple mah-jong
The mah-jongg of a 2channel character can be played. A rule is easy. It will be a victory if the same pattern is arranged earlier than a partner player. If you want to see a detailed role, it is here.

What's 2channel?
2channel is an electronic bulletin board with the number of accesses leading [ Japanese ]. It is abbreviated to 2chan, 2ch, etc. It is managed under Hiroyuki Nisimura (common name : "Hiroyuki") superintendence by the members of management which consist of volunteers, such as deletion people.

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The heart of ShowaThe heart of Showa - "Crane game"
Recollections sad at a thought delightful at a pleasant thought.. I will regain the heart of Showa in your memory of a crane catcher! A stage has Yamanote and Shitamati.

What's Yamanote?
It is the thing of a residential section high-class in comparison which is within the limits of the city area of old Edo.

What's Shitamachi?
The land to which many townsmen and merchants lived in the time of old Edo.
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Peu a Peu Ohaziki
Peu a Peu Ohaziki - Do you know "Ohajiki"?

Ohajiki is a kind of a toy. The flat ball made with glass has become general, and it can use for - study for play. A web can be played in the Ohajiki! By all means, please play once and see.
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UnlockUnlock - Pull it if it pushes and is useless
Unlock is the game which cancels a door with various mechanisms using brains. The normal modes are all 8 stages and another security mode is all 4 stages. Only a mouse performs operation.
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Face BalloonFace Balloon - The lost face..
The face became a balloon and has flown! In order to regain a face, please move on a building like a maze. This game is an adventure game which can play only with a mouse. Please move on clicking various places and explaining the mystery of a building!

When it does not turn out that it plays with, please see "How to Play" of a game screen.
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NANACA CRASH!!NANACA CRASH!! - Blow away to a distance!
It is the game which bounds Taichi off to a distance as much as possible. An angle will be determined if a mouse button is pressed in a screen. Then, power determines that it will detach a mouse button and a game starts. Various effects can be acquired if Taichi crashes with the person who is in the road.
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