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Posted 2006/04/30 22:07 Sun Edit
bowman'bowman' - It fights with a bow!
Please drag the inside of a screen and draw a bow. * It is not necessary to click humans. It is a victory when a partner is shot twice by default setup. However, since a lower half of the body is a no damage, it is necessary to make the upper half of the body hit it.

Returns to a title - Left key
A screen is refreshed - Right key
Zoom-in,Zoom-out - Top,Down key

Posted 2006/04/30 22:06 Sun Edit
castlevaniacastlevania - Horizontal-scrolling action
The action game put on the market from KONAMI can be played. A vampire hunter's hero faces a whip to arms at Dracula's conquest. It is the series known for beautiful music and graphics.
Posted 2006/04/30 22:05 Sun Edit
Cockroach DreamCockroach Dream - Fail to strike!
It will be failed to strike a cockroach so that those who are sleeping may not be crazed. Operation is simple only by the click of a mouse.
Posted 2006/04/30 22:04 Sun Edit
Genjuro FightGenjuro Fight - Samurai spirits
A masterpiece art-of-fencing fighting game, horizontal-scrolling action which took up "Genjuro" of samurai spirits.

Movement - W,A,S,D
Boxing - J
Jump - K
Protect - L

Posted 2006/04/30 22:03 Sun Edit
Mario Starcatcher 2Mario Starcatcher 2 - Catch a star!
It is the MARIO game which can be enjoyed easily. Please catch the star in a stage.

Walk - Arrow keys
Jump - Space

Posted 2006/04/30 22:02 Sun Edit
Nida- InvadersNida- Invaders - A South Korean invader
The common name which TAITO CORP. put on the market with the invader game in 1978 (Space Invaders). It is world's first "game in which an enemy character devises an attack." UFO sometimes appears, and a bonus point can be acquired if this is shot down.

Move - Arrow key
Fire - Space

Posted 2006/04/30 22:01 Sun Edit
OO RangerOO Ranger - Three heroes
The game which becomes a hero and beats bad fellows. The back is to a hidden character deeply considerably.

Move - Arrow keys
Attack - Z
Special - X
Character change - C

Posted 2006/04/30 22:00 Sun Edit
PacmanPacman - PAaaaaack man
consuming all Cookie (common name: a dot, food), while a player avoids the circular yellow character "Pac-Man" so that it may not be caught by four monsters in a blue maze -- the target game. It is changeless in a maze and difficulty goes up to each stage intently.

Walk - Arrow keys

Posted 2006/04/30 21:59 Sun Edit
ReikokuReikoku - The high shooting game of a quality
An enemy's attack is fundamentally nonavoidable. Please shoot all down. A damage will be received, if the number displayed is set to 0 in distance with a self-opportunity when locked. It is game over when a lower left durability gauge is lost.

Move - Mouse
Attack - Space
Lock on release - B

Posted 2006/04/30 21:58 Sun Edit
Run & Kill
Run & Kill - Cut,Cut,Cut!

PS2 Action game which made the world of a game "a sum rye Western" the stage. Avoiding a gunman's bullet, cut, and he cuts and cut earnestly!

Cut - Right key
Flip - Left key

Posted 2006/04/30 21:57 Sun Edit
SonicSonic - Sonic Hedgehog
It is the high-speed action game which runs through the stage in which blue HARINEZUMI which can run at acoustic velocity, and "Sonic" are operated, it is rich in ups and downs, and the loop etc. is prepared like a roller coaster.

Move - Left,Right keys
Spin attack - Down key
jump - Space

Posted 2006/04/30 16:00 Sun Edit
AA TetrisAA Tetris - ASCII art!
Various blocks which fall one after another are repeated. It is a high score when two or more lines and the line of the same color are erased. It is game over when a block is piled up upwards.

Operation - Keyboard
High-speed drops - Space key
Special - S key

Posted 2006/04/30 02:33 Sun Edit
3LINES3LINES - "Sichuan"
It is clear if all the tiles in a board are erased. from a beginner up to an upper person -- young and old of both sexes -- anyone -- although -- he can be enjoyed.
Posted 2006/04/30 02:22 Sun Edit
stained glass
stained glass - Let's make the color square!

A panel is dragged and please let me move to a left window. It is clear, if it arranges so that an vertical and horizontal color may become the same. It is clear the 5th page and an end.
Posted 2006/04/30 02:13 Sun Edit
PokerFaceUpPokerFaceUp - A psychological warfare is hot!
This game is the pitched-against each other type poker which four persons strike.
(1)The number of times of a change is 1 time
(2)Game participating expense must pay the one minimum coin
(3)How to bet coin has a call, REIZU +1, REIZU +2, and 4 choices of drops

Enjoy a game!
Posted 2006/04/30 02:06 Sun Edit
4BALLS4BALLS - Brain game
It will be a victory if the ball of the color same earlier than a partner is arranged. It is difficult although it is simple.
Posted 2006/04/29 16:16 Sat Edit
Help it! Rapan!Help it! Rapan! - Traffic congestion is canceled!
This is a tollgate. Please guide the car included in a tollgate and do not build traffic congestion. It is game over when all sequences are filled with a car to a right-hand side red line. If the vehicles of the "same color" or the "same type" continue, it will pass at once in a tollgate. In this case, the score of a back car doubles.
Posted 2006/04/29 16:12 Sat Edit
Across The River, They Go.Across The River, They Go.
A certain family is going to cross the river by ship. However, this family is a dangerous family, and if conditions are not cleared, he will kill a family. How is what is necessary just to carry out for having crossed the river, without nobody's making a family die?

(1)A ship can ride to two persons at once.
(2)It is only three persons, a father, a mother, and a maid, that a ship can be rowed.
(3)If a father does not have a mother, he will kill a daughter.
(4)If a mother does not have a father, she will kill a son.
(5)If a maid is not in a dog, it will kill all families.

Then, good fight is prayed!
Posted 2006/04/29 16:11 Sat Edit
KaeburoKaeburo - Change block
A ball is discharged and a block is destroyed. Please move and gather cursor not to drop a ball downward. It is game over when a left life is lost.

Movement - Mouse
Change block - Left Click

Posted 2006/04/29 16:10 Sat Edit
Epicenter gameEpicenter game - Look for a leader!
Please look for one person who is leading the dance out of a dancer. As for all dancers, an order was decided. A click of a one dancer displays the ranking. A score is crossing of a time score and a bonus point. Keep in mind that a bonus point will fall if hand is carried out.
Posted 2006/04/29 16:01 Sat Edit
AA MailAA Mail - Mona- typing
It is the typing game which carried out the form of a cellular phone. It is a game start when Space key is pushed. Let's type the name of the ASCII art which comes out one after another. It can participate also in ranking!
Posted 2006/04/29 16:00 Sat Edit
From A to ZFrom A to Z - "Iaigiri!!"
It is Flash typing only with overly simple only typing A to Z. There is also the mode in which an alphanumeric character appears at random. I will participate in ranking and will aim at a higher rank!
Posted 2006/04/28 23:50 Fri Edit
Fire kick the can game2Fire kick the can game2 - New type
The changed part from 1st stage.
(1)The demon became strong.
(2)New work appeared.
Rush - G key
A honorable-death command is given to a friend.
Fire - F key
It can play by very beautiful fireworks.
Posted 2006/04/28 23:41 Fri Edit
Fire kick the can gameFire kick the can game - Nostalgic atmosphere
A certain nostalgic vacant lot at which a familiar frog stands still. Let's be mixed with "stylish thing Mr." and others who is playing happily noisily, play "can-kicking" and play!

Slide - Space key

Posted 2006/04/28 23:29 Fri Edit
Chicken Race
Chicken Race - Test-of-courage game

It is a game start when the character of READY is clicked. It is clear if a car is made to stop in the distance near [ computer ] the water surface.
Posted 2006/04/28 23:18 Fri Edit
Flash KartFlash Kart - The game which competes for a time attack
It competes for the time which carried out the course 3 round. A course is chosen first and it goes into a start posture. If a signal becomes blue, it will start with an accelerator!

Accelerator - Top key
Movement on either side - Left,Right key
Brake - Down key

Posted 2006/04/28 16:36 Fri Edit
Typing Buckwheat noodleTyping Buckwheat noodle - How about seconds?
I can replace, if the alphabet is inputted eight characters. If the character which Type(s) is mistaken, it will consist of the beginning. It will end, if time passes to some extent.
Posted 2006/04/28 16:35 Fri Edit
Bombardment by warship
Bombardment by warship - Strategy shooting
Grown up type naval battle shooting. I will clear the missions which defeat an enemy ship party, and will upgrade a battleship!

Movement,Evasion of a torpedo - Right,Left key
A shooting position is determined - Mouse
Shot - Mouse Left Click
Sub Shot - Top key

Posted 2006/04/28 16:23 Fri Edit
GikorugaGikoruga - 2channel shooting
"Even if self does not become the good thread of the ideal which does not die since it is not alive, it does not yield. This means that it both does not die that it is foolish. "

Shot - Shift or Space key
Movement - Mouse
Left Click - Attribute change
Special shot - Space key when a gauge is MAX

Posted 2006/04/28 16:20 Fri Edit
Red_lightRed light - Cross a way!
Please cross a road so that you operate people and it is not run over by the car. The round ring which has fallen on the way is a bonus. It will become a fortunate feeling if it takes.