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 DJMAX - The music game which can play for free!

Posted 2006/04/27 00:40 Thu Edit
DJMAXDJMAX - The music game which can play for free!
The new music game which begins from on-line. The world of the No.1 DJ whom a stylish powerful sound leads with it being visual. The real-time multi-play system which is not until now. The easy play system which can be immediately enjoyed also with a beginner player. The true high sensitivity sound on-line sound game which stimulates your sensitivity is now here!

"You have to carry out member registration, in order to play this game. The following page explains the method of member registration."

The registration method
1.The page currently written to be "会員登録[無料]" is clicked first.

Next, it writes in registration form.

2-1."ネットマーブルID" mean "ID Name". Please fill in the alphanumeric character from 6 characters to 12 characters.

2-2."ニックネーム" mean "Nickname". Please fill in the alphanumeric character from 4 characters to 12 characters.

2-3."パスワード" mean "Password". "パスワード再入力" mean "Password Reinput".

2-4."メールアドレス" mean "Mail address"

2-5."メール受信" mean "Do you receive the mail sent from Net marble?". 受信する=Yes 受信しない-No

2-6."性別" mean "Sex". 男性=Man 女性=Woman

2-7."生年月日" mean "Birth date".

2-8.If all items are filled in, please push the button "on which it agrees with agreement."

3-1(Last).Please click the button left-hand side "registers."(登録する)

Member registration was completed now! enjoy DJMAX!

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