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 Across The River, They Go.

Posted 2006/04/29 16:12 Sat Edit
Across The River, They Go.Across The River, They Go.
A certain family is going to cross the river by ship. However, this family is a dangerous family, and if conditions are not cleared, he will kill a family. How is what is necessary just to carry out for having crossed the river, without nobody's making a family die?

(1)A ship can ride to two persons at once.
(2)It is only three persons, a father, a mother, and a maid, that a ship can be rowed.
(3)If a father does not have a mother, he will kill a daughter.
(4)If a mother does not have a father, she will kill a son.
(5)If a maid is not in a dog, it will kill all families.

Then, good fight is prayed!
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