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Posted 2006/04/30 22:01 Sun Edit
OO RangerOO Ranger - Three heroes
The game which becomes a hero and beats bad fellows. The back is to a hidden character deeply considerably.

Move - Arrow keys
Attack - Z
Special - X
Character change - C

Posted 2006/04/30 22:00 Sun Edit
PacmanPacman - PAaaaaack man
consuming all Cookie (common name: a dot, food), while a player avoids the circular yellow character "Pac-Man" so that it may not be caught by four monsters in a blue maze -- the target game. It is changeless in a maze and difficulty goes up to each stage intently.

Walk - Arrow keys

Posted 2006/04/30 21:59 Sun Edit
ReikokuReikoku - The high shooting game of a quality
An enemy's attack is fundamentally nonavoidable. Please shoot all down. A damage will be received, if the number displayed is set to 0 in distance with a self-opportunity when locked. It is game over when a lower left durability gauge is lost.

Move - Mouse
Attack - Space
Lock on release - B

Posted 2006/04/30 21:58 Sun Edit
Run & Kill
Run & Kill - Cut,Cut,Cut!

PS2 Action game which made the world of a game "a sum rye Western" the stage. Avoiding a gunman's bullet, cut, and he cuts and cut earnestly!

Cut - Right key
Flip - Left key

Posted 2006/04/30 21:57 Sun Edit
SonicSonic - Sonic Hedgehog
It is the high-speed action game which runs through the stage in which blue HARINEZUMI which can run at acoustic velocity, and "Sonic" are operated, it is rich in ups and downs, and the loop etc. is prepared like a roller coaster.

Move - Left,Right keys
Spin attack - Down key
jump - Space

Posted 2006/04/28 16:20 Fri Edit
Red_lightRed light - Cross a way!
Please cross a road so that you operate people and it is not run over by the car. The round ring which has fallen on the way is a bonus. It will become a fortunate feeling if it takes.
Posted 2006/04/28 16:16 Fri Edit
Protection bombingProtection bombing - Escape and escape
Being made to a player is only running from place to place. However, support bombing of a fixed interval can be received from the sky. Since a bomb falls toward itself, please guide it well and knock down an enemy. More scores can be earned if many enemies are once beaten by explosion. They are 3 times, if two animals are pushed down simultaneously and it will be the twice of a standard score, and three animals. If a score reaches a fixed value, a level (difficulty) will go up.