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Posted 2006/05/02 19:56 Tue Edit
Lost SystemLost System - confused
It is a work reproducing the sight which a male gets angry, cannot finish bearing hate, uneasiness, etc., and breaks.
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MEBIUS - The world of a computer

The author's message
The network and the world of a computer of continuing evolving every day, and infinite possibility by it. Although it was a somewhat puzzling theme, the system of a computer was expressed for itself. Since the contents are fairly peculiar, it may not not much be for everybody. Well, carry out the difficult talk for extracting and enjoy the image of a profound transformer and cyber!
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MIMIMIMI - Unique graphics
A dog encounters a traffic accident and a robot is converted into it. A work with original wonderful animation.
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SakuraSakura - Cherry tree
The author's message
It seems that about 80% of the "cherry tree" in Japan becomes "Somei Yoshino" in case of the information which I investigated individually. (Since the old book was read, it does not know what ratio it has now.) I thought that ancient times to "Sakura" wanted to like and to make such FLASH. Enjoy!
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Forest spirits
Forest spirits

Nostalgia is felt somewhere for the wonderful character which personified the soul in woods and was produced. Although I feel that such a character was in the Ghibli animation, it sets without paying attention now. Enjoy yourself!