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Michael foreverMichael forever
Michael becomes the character of a game and appears!
Various difficulties stand with their legs wide apart as if it interfered with such Michael. Can the peace of the earth be kept sure enough!?
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One eightOne eight
It is the parody of GUN SWORD.
What's "GUN SWORD"?
It is a fairyland at the bottom of the universe. stupidity's and others Utopia where a dream is full of a wilderness and violence is full of a town.
Details are seen
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Start soldier PasocomStart soldier Pasocom
It is the parody of GUNDAM.
What's "GUNDAM"?
It is the work which made the big current which serves as a forerunner of the change by having introduced the human drama which was rich in the reality which made the battlefield the stage, and a setup which treats a robot as a kind of arms called "MOBIRU suit", and is later called a "real robot" by robot animation.
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2ch Poni dash2ch Poni dash
It is the parody work of animation "Paniponi dash"
What's "Paniponi dash"?
Rebecca Miyamoto (common-name Becky) starts for his new assignment to the private high school and Momotuki Gakuen of the too free school spirit!
The school comedy in which Becky does not play an active part with individual students and animals (?)!!
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Dokuo cyanDokuo cyan
It is the work parodied based on "Kyoro chan".
What's "kyoro chan"?
Kyoro chan is the mascot character of the confectionery and the chocolate ball of Morinaga seika.
A bird is a motif. It is the feature that the eye is located in a line with the two fronts although it is sideways.

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Happy Poomin familyHappy Poomin family
It is the parody work of Moomin.
What's "Moomin"?
Moomin is the boy of Tove Jansson work juvenile literature, a picture-book and a comics work, and the living thing Moomin and the trawl similar to a fairy.
It lives in the Moomin valley with Moomin papa and a Moomin mama.

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Harehare yukaiHarehare yukai - Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuutu
The parody work of the opening music Harehare yukai of Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuutu.
What's Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuutu?
Suzumiya Haruhi is the series of the light novel published from the Kadokawa sneaker library which makes the 1st work the 8th sneaker grand-prix winners "Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuutu."
It is under series with a "THE sneaker."